Metal Clay Masters Registry

What is the Metal Clay Masters Registry?

The Metal Clay Masters Registry is a structured program linked to an independent evaluation system that is the most prestigious and professional credential in the field of metal clay. A rigorous curriculum of fifty projects provides artists with a challenge that will propel them to improved technical skills and into new creative realms.

There are five levels of Mastery. Julia Rai is currently undertaking the Masters Registry and has attained Registry Level IV, the first person in the world to attain this level.

To find out more about the Metal Clay Masters Registry visit the website.

In this section of the website you’ll find more information about the Masters Registry projects Julia submitted. The 50 projects in the Masters Registry Program can be completed in any order. On these pages you’ll see the projects that Julia chose to complete at each level.

In these articles, Julia explains some of the techniques she used, the challenges she faced, some of her inspiration and design process and also how her pieces scored. Included are the pieces that passed but also those that didn’t. You will also find the assessors comments repeated here!

If you are interested in a specific project, you can jump straight to it from the links below.

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