C4 Bracelet of Frames that Contain Images

Eco Bracelet by Julia Rai
Eco Bracelet by Julia Rai
Eco Bracelet by Julia Rai

Submitted to the Registry evaluators - September 2017

I found this project very challenging and it took me two attempts to make something I was happy with. I submitted two bracelets and they asked me to choose one. The one I chose was made of panels riveted together with postage stamps sandwiched between them. The frames have tiny flowers and leaves which have been enamelled.

This one just scraped through which was a little disappointing but at least it passed! Here are the scores:-

Design – 3.5 out of 5.0
Craftsmanship – 1.8 out of 2.0
Wearability – 1.5 out of 2.0
Clasp (function & integration) – 0.3 out of 1.0​

Here are the evaluations.​

“Conceptually I like the design. However, execution of its design seems not as refined. Use of large rivets, while functional, is heavy-handed and unnecessarily large. Jump rings add an industrial quality that takes away from the environmental/nature theme. The rivets on the back should be more thought out. Some of the rivets are almost invisible while others are quite prominent.”​

“Very comfortable to wear (I could only try on the longer one because of the size of my wrist.)”​

“The toggle clasp is very creative and solid. The hook clasp on the smaller bracelet might dig into the skin when worn but, my wrist doesn’t fit so I can’t try it on to validate this point. This is just an observation.”​

“Very nice graphic element. The links are securely joined and each is well riveted. Well chosen finishes for the character of each bracelet.”

Here is the project description from the Masters Registry website:-

​C4 Bracelet of Frames that Contain Images

Make a wearable silver bracelet that contains five or more frames joined so
they articulate. The connection can be madewith jump rings, split rings, hinges, partial hinges, or any other metal-based arrangement that makes a viable bracelet. Stringing on cords or attaching to leather or fabric, for instance, will not qualify. Each frame will use cold connections to include a graphic element such as a photo, drawing, or print, either found or made by the candidate. Examples could include calligraphy, advertisements, currency, stamps, labels, etc

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