E2 Design a Hallmark, Make a Stamp

Hallmark Stamp by Julia Rai

Submitted to the Registry evaluators - February 2009

This project required designing a personal hallmark so it was quite a bit of fun. There are several elements to it, design the hallmark, get a handle and attach the hallmark element to the handle, embellish with metal clay then send in the stamp together with illustrations of how it works. I got reasonable marks for this one.

​Design of hallmark – 3 out of 3
Craftsmanship – 2 out of 2
Relation of elements – 2 out of 3.5
Clarity of impression – 1 out of 1.5

​So 8 out of 10. I used a wooden peg I found somewhere for the handle and the challenge was to make the end bit with the hallmark on.

​I designed the hallmark on paper and made a photopolymer plate as small as I could get it without losing the lines of the hallmark. Then I made progressively smaller hallmarks using PMC Standard for the shrinkage. It was a challenge to make the end part so it would fit over the end of the peg. I had to consider the shrinkage of the clay but as the peg was wood it allowed me to file a bit off to fit the end on. The long tendril that wraps around the handle broke a couple of times before firing – grrrr!

​The comments were a bit mixed. “The logo is elegant, modern and feminine. Having the pieces physically relate (wrapping the tendril) is not the same as having them “need” each other. These parts are cordial but not in a relationship.” Once again, my design skills are challenged. It was a useful lesson though and gave me lots to think about.

​Here is the project description from the Masters Registry website:-

E2 Design a Hallmark, Make a Stamp

Design a personal hallmark, and make a working stamp in metal clay. Affix the die into an appropriate handle embellished with metal clay. This project includes the functioning tool and an example of the resulting stamp, both in a soft material (ceramic, polymer, or metal clay, for instance) and as an inked mark on paper.

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