E7 Miniature

Miniature Deckchair by Julia Rai

Submitted to the Registry evaluators - September 2017


The miniature was one of the things I’d put off since the beginning as I had no idea how to approach it, let alone what to do. Then I began writing tutorials for Dolls House magazine and suddenly it all became clear!

When the idea of a deck chair came to me I thought this would be an interesting challenge. I made the first one in PMC Pro but it just didn’t work for some reason. ​

The final piece is made with fine silver clay. The most difficult thing was getting the ‘wood’ parts to dry straight with no warping. I was very pleased with it once I put it all together.

Here are the scores:-

Accuracy of scale – 3 out of 3.0
Craftsmanship – 2.3 out of 3.0
Choice of materials – 2 out of 2.0
Degree of detail – 1.5 out of 2.0

8.8 out of 10, very happy with that. Here are the comments from the evaluators.

“Great job! The scale seems somehow appropriate. Nice addition of striped fabric. The position of the back support is not accurate to the photo. Supports in photo are almost vertical whereas the supports on the miniature are angled forward. Overall, great job.”

“This is a very sturdy piece and very cute! However, as the primary evaluator pointed out, it is not completely accurate according to the angles of the supports. The choice of materials complement each other well.”

“There is good attention to detail otherwise, although the design itself is rather simple.”

If you look at the photo carefully, you’ll see that the photographer didn’t seem to have any idea how a deck chair is put together! I’ll get his one photographed again.

I’m glad this one is done and I do like the little deck chair!

On the left is a video showing how the deckchair works.

Here is the project description from the Masters Registry website:-

​E7 Miniature

Select any familiar item and reproduce an accurate model to scale. This could be a teapot, a toaster, a bicycle, etc. Evaluation will take into account the complexity of the object, so avoid simple solutions like a miniature spoon.
Provide a photograph of the original object and its dimensions. Scale is up to
the candidate and will vary depending on the item.