C9 Active Collaboration

Wooden Icicle with Silver Finial and Rings by Julia Rai
Wooden Icicle with Silver Finial and Rings by Julia Rai

Submitted to the Registry evaluators - September 2017

This one ​had me thinking for a very long time. I wanted to do something out of the ordinary, definitely not jewellery. I decided to combine the smoothness of wood with some textured silver elements.

For this I collaborated with Pete Moncrieff-Jury. I wanted the rings to move around and Pete constructed the piece so that they did this. The finial at the top was built around a cork clay core and was great fun to make.

Here are the scores:-

Design – 6.3 out of 6.5
Craftsmanship – 1.8 out of 2.5
Originality – 1 out of 1.0

​9 out of 10, very pleased with that. Here are the comments.

“Interesting and fun concept! Epoxy that is showing on the top ring prevented me from scoring this a ten!”

“This is an interesting, interactive piece. A very nice contrast of the turned wood with the metal clay.”

“The piece is slightly crooked at the top section of wood. The join was not cleanly executed. The texture of the metal clay imparts a very pleasing contrast to the smooth wood. The metal clay piece is well balanced in scale and proportion to the turned wood parts.”

I actually like the quirky, crooked bit and didn’t notice the epoxy that is mentioned but 9 out of 10 is good enough for me!

Here is the project description from the Masters Registry website:-

​C9 Active Collaboration

Work with someone else to develop a piece that benefits from the contributions of both people. The piece will include metal clay, either entirely or in part; that is, other materials may also be used. This can be a wearable, functional, or sculptural object.

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