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Julia is a guest tutor at Craftcast, the online class provider based in the USA. The video classes go out live and are then available for download so you can watch them whenever you like. If you can’t make the live class, you can still access the recording, all the resources and documents at any time. Browse the great classes available at Craftcast.

Pendants with fire in place stones by Julia Rai
Pendants with fire in place stones by Julia Rai

Time to go organic with metal clay!

Join metal clay master artist, Julia Rai LIVE Online, Saturday, March 7, 2020 at 12 PM ET and learn how to make a variety of metal clay settings for fire-in-place stones that can be kept in the dry stage for use whenever you need a little bit of sparkle on something. You’ll learn to make settings using syringe clay, metal clay tubes and discs, leaf and flower shaped settings and much more.

Julia will start with the basics of stone setting in metal clay, how to use the shrinkage during firing to your advantage and how to ensure your stone stays put. She’ll show you how to create asymmetric, organic forms into settings for stones of all shapes and sizes, giving you a whole range of new ideas. These are especially useful if you like to produce three-dimensional work that isn’t neat and uniform. Like things to be organic and unique? This class is for you!

There are three projects included in this class; a pair of spiral cone earrings, a light and open pendant with a swing bail and a pendant based on the branches of a tree. They all feature stone settings that will add another skill set to your metal clay work.

This class will fire up your imagination and give you lots of techniques for setting stones to set your work apart.

AND during the LIVE class, Julia will take questions from attendees!!

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Creating Metal Clay Screw Top Vessels

Screw top vessels class at Craftcast

Join Alison Lee, and award winning metal clay artist Julia Rai and learn to create a hollow form metal clay vessel with a screw top lid.

Included in your purchase is a PDF with photos, notes and online resources, PLUS the class video to watch as many times as you like.

These make pretty little perfume bottles, or you can hang them on a chain or cord to wear as a pendant.

Ms. Rai will show you how to quickly and easily make a threaded mechanism that can be added to any type of hollow form. Learn how to make simple round vessels as well as a ring with a hollow bead topper that features a stone set, screw top lid.

A variety of lid designs will be discussed, and Julia will demonstrate how to make three different types. You will learn how to make your vessel unique by creating an embellished lid, adding random textures and forming different types of bails and handles.

Once you know the basics of making a threaded screw mechanism, the possibilities are endless.

Boxes and vessels in a wide variety of styles can have a screw top added using the techniques learned in this class.

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Hand Moulded Metal Clay Pods

Silver and Gold Pod Ring by Julia Rai

Join Alison Lee, your host at Craftcast, along with award-winning metal clay artist Julia Rai and learn how to make these colorful hand-molded metal clay pods that you can use as a stand-alone piece or as a component to add to other jewelry pieces.

“Silver clay is a great material for making hand-molded forms. In this class, you’ll learn how to create organic pod forms quickly and easily. Even complete beginners can use silver clay to create these forms which make great components for jewelry.”

Watch close-up as Julia shows step-by-step all the tips and tricks you need to know to make your own unique pods.

And don’t stop there!

Ms. Rai reveals her easy techniques to add COLOR to complete the look.

*BONUS* Learn how to incorporate these skills to create a beautiful complimentary ring.

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Adding Colour to Metal

Adding Colour to Metal with Julia Rai at Craftcast

Join Alison Lee, your host at Craftcast, and international, award winning metal clay artist, Julia Rai, and learn how to add beautiful color to metal.

In this packed class, Julia covers adding colour to metal using a wide variety of methods.

Learn to create different results using glass, ceramic, acrylic and effect paints. Want to try enamel? Julia will show you how to work safely with enamel and fire it with a torch making this ancient technique accessible to everyone. No kiln needed!

Learn about pastes to add patina like effects, alcohol inks in a wide range of colours and resin both as colour and sealer.

Lots of possibilities to have fun with colour.

BONUS Julia will show you how to add a heat patina to copper and bronze and how to use resists with Liver of Sulphur to get the patina just where you want it!.

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