D1 Combine Silver and Gold in a Ring

Silver and Gold Pod Ring by Julia Rai
Silver and Gold Pod Ring by Julia Rai

Submitted to the Registry evaluators - August 2010

This was another project I put off, mainly because it required the use of very expensive gold clay. I’d been experimenting with freeforms – forms made by just rolling lumps of clay into long elements with open ends – like buds – and this design grew from that. I wanted to make an open ring rather than a continuous band and this ring developed around the mandrel as I made each element and combined them.

Once again, my favourite texture was used on this ring to give it the organic look.

Design – 4 out of 5
Craftsmanship – 2.5 out of 2.5
Finish – 2 out of 2.5

8.5 out of 10 – I was very happy with that. Pretty much all the comments were positive for a change!

“Nice relationship of the two metals – I enjoyed discovering the silver ball deep inside the gold flower.”

“Good use of Aura 22 with the gold metal clay.”

“One gold element joins into the ring more successfully than the other.”

“This piece shows well when worn.”

I was pretty pleased with the comments and I really do love this ring. But the picture taken by the Registry photographer was not very good so I had my own photographer take pictures of the ring.

Here is the project description from the Masters Registry website:-

​D1 Combine Silver and gold in a ring

Combine silver and gold metal clay in a ring. Both metals must be used structurally. This ring may include a gemstone, but that is not required.

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